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10/6/18 Prayer/Intention/Affirmation

Posted on October 6, 2018 with 0 comments

I pray often during my days. When I hear about people in need, for my friends and family, for Charleston, and for even bigger images I have of my extended family to include all on the Earth. 
This morning my prayers are specifically for The United States. “We the people” are at a crossroad, As many have said, there is a deep divide among us. That seems so true. Solutions are not forthcoming, and that creates more divisive actions, and so much fear and animosity. 

I was reminded today to put the prayers out there, imagine the desired outcome, feel the joy of that happening and the deep trust that it will occur in perfect accordance for the good of all. 
I have seen this way of prayer manifest miraculous things in my own life. I’m thinking, why not expect it on a grand scale too. 
So, I pray today for America, for all Americans to be able to weather these times of upheaval and necessary changes that are before us with the faith and trust needed to believe we will get through together and be united in a new way.