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Summer 2018

Posted on August 16, 2018 with 0 comments

It has been a lovely summer so far.  It started with a surprise gift of time at Springbank Retreat Center.  Sisters Trina and Theresa were able to get some time off from their many duties running this wonderful place.  So, friends of Springbank have been taking turns keeping things going this summer.  

I got to be there for 2 whole weeks.  There was only one other person there at that time, so it was extraordinarily quiet and peaceful.  Yes, it was hot, and at times a bit buggy, but the beauty of nature and the serenity of the days were such a treat.  I didn't watch any tv during this time.  I read a great deal.  I meditated morning and nightly too.  I journaled and walked the labyrinth.  So much came up to be examined, clarified, observed, etc. That can be unsettling at first, but there are always lessons to be learned and new levels of understanding to be had.

I left full of gratitude for my time in nature.  I look forward to heading back in September teaching flute to a new group of nuns who will be in residence.

My sister Betsy came shortly after I got home and we prepared for Nana Camp 2018.  Both Finn and Josselyn came this year.  Each had about 3 days of our undivided attention and lots of games, treats, art, activities of all kinds which were fun and educational too. They were totally joyful and grateful when they left.

Betsy and I reaped the enormous benefits that giving can bring to our own hearts.  We felt expanded and full of joy and love.  It was a terrific time for all of us.  We look forward to repeating it next year.

I can say if one word sums up my summer it would be GRATITDE.  I felt it fully because I lived very present to the amazing moments that came my way.