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Cerantha: Letters

I was at Practioners Night and thoroughly enjoyed your talk.  I bought your CD and my 5 dogs and I listen to it each night as we go to sleep.  I'd love to come to your next gathering.

Pamela F. Schilling


We love the CD and so does TomYum. As you can see, he went to sleep and had pleasant dreams. It was great seeing you, and we wish you all the success you truly deserve.

Charlie and Pat

Charlie and Pat Maraziti


Hello Kathie,

My name is Nicole Morris and I have the pleasure of working with your wonderful sister Betsy. She was so kind to lend me her CD of your beautiful music.  My life with three boys is often chaotic during the bewitching hour of 5 o'clockish. And of course, during that hour I need to be the most productive with helping with homework and making dinner.  The other evening I decided to put your music on and see if it could possibly have the same calming effect on my children as it does for me.  I just wanted to share with you that within 5-10 minutes my three year old, completely on his own, criss-crossed his legs, put his hands together (yoga style) and closed his eyes!  He was in a state of total relaxation-it was amazing! He was completely entranced by your flute playing.  Also, I wanted to add that my seven year old was very interested in what instrument you were playing and how you trained yourself to hold the notes for so long without taking a breath.  He is a very curious little guy.  Thank you so much for your gift of music and for sharing it with others on your CD.  


I would like to purchase one of your CD's for my older sister because she has been going through some difficult times with her health and  from the anxiety produced from the stress of it all.  I think your music will help her as well.  


It has been such a blessing working with your sister, and I hope some day to have the opportunity to meet you.  Have a wonderful day!

Nicole Morris

Nicole Morris

Good morning,

I just woke up from the best night of sleep I have had in over 2 weeks. 

While I still woke up a number of times in the night, I was able to go right back to a deep sleep, Since the surgery and from being in a constant state of fatigue - I would be able to quickly go to sleep, but then wake up in 2 hours  - up and ready, not tired at all.  2 more hours of reading or watching a Movie, then off to sleep again for 2 hours and the cycle continued from about 10p to 8am - 6 hours of total sleep in between 6 hours of being totally awake.

I did fall asleep Listening to the flute playing Chakra - maybe that was it!

David Flander

Dear Cerantha: Hello my dear, so nice of you to email me! That photo of my brother (Ted) was taken the day after we returned from a wedding - he was at my computer and asked if he could listen to the CD Pat gave me. So I put it in my CD player and left the room. About 15 minutes passed when I returned to ask him a question...that's when I found him asleep on my bed! Quite naturally - I couldn't resist a "Kodac Moment" - and placed your CD cover by him and took the photo! When he awoke - I showed him the photo and he just smiled and laughed.. saying he now knows why I use it at night to sleep better! Ted was leaving the Orlando area this morning -so I just called him on his cell and repeated your email request. His response was "Yes" -it's okay! And asked if you would provide the link to your website so he could see it! If you would be so kind, after it's posted -to send me the link and I'll forward to him! Both Ted and myself enjoy all types of Native American Indian music... and have several other CDs we enjoy - but this one is excellent to play at bedtime...within minutes I'm sound asleep! Again, thank you for your email and wish you continued success in your music career! Best wishes alway... BONNIE BROWN Cape Coral, FL

Bonnie Brown