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Cerantha: News


The CD, "Flowing Through the Chakras" is now available on and also on Itunes, Amazon, Digstation, cdbaby and many more sites.  

Visit the website often for updates on events, and letters from the CD purchasers as to how the CD is impacting their lives.

Medicine Wheel Classes - February 26, 2015


Bridge to Avalon
invites you to join
for a 4 week series on the

Medicine Wheel

The 1st Saturday of each month
beginning March 7, 2014
from 9:30 am - Noon


Travel the Wheel with Cerantha.
In the Sacred Circle, we will begin in the SOUTH - The Way of the Serpent who teaches Truth & Beauty.

Please come and join Cerantha Corley as she helps you begin your journey/experience with this ancient and sacred tool, The Medicine Wheel.


Beginning Saturday, March 7 from 9:30 am until Noon, experience the opening of your heart and soul to the beauty of exploring the practices and awakenings that bring you farther along life's ever moving journey.  We proceed in life, no matter what. With the knowledge gained in these classes you will have the tools you need to discern, discover and flourish instead of bumping up against, resisting and feeling out of control with the twists and turns that often suddenly appear in our life's path.


In the tradition of the Peruvian Indians, we will explore the direction of the South.  It is a place of Forgiveness/ Shedding the old and unnecessary and diving into The Silence - a place  where the observer in you is recognized, explored and befriended. 


You may never be the quite the same again as you observe your life quietly, in great depth, and with a wholeheartedness that shedding and forgiving can bring.


Classes   Saturday, March 7, April 4, May 2 and June 6
Time:  9:30 - Noon
Fee:  $30.00
Please bring a journal and 3 stones or crystals to use in our activities.


Medicine Wheel with Cerantha
The Medicine Wheel with CerBrid



CD Release! - December 15, 2010

Cerantha debuts her first album this month as the year ends and the holidays are upon us. Smoothly spread with soothing tones of the Native American Flute, seven cuts will rise through the chakras - each in its own key. Perfect for relaxation, yoga, massage or just a good night's sleep, Flowing Through the Chakras is a long awaited gift from a spiritual blessing - Cerantha.

Available in late December on CD Baby. iTunes, DigStation and sold locally in Charleston, SC. Get yours!

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