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My Prayer

5:16 AM

This is my prayer, as the almost full moon shines across my backyard pond in the predawn darkness


Dear fellow Earthlings, my prayer is for us all as we walk with uncertainty toward this new day dawning.

The times ahead will be full of changes for certain. May we not be full of fear.

May we rely on our faith and innate inner knowings to lead us into this new day dawning.

We are ONE people.

We inhabit the Earth as ONE

We can express this wholeness or remain in the old separateness that so divides us.

As the astronauts reminded us, the view of the Earth from afar is a planet of great beauty with no lines dividing territories or countries——no barriers to wholeness.

The Earth is redefining itself.

Let us hold on to our loving kindness and compassion.

Let us let go of the need for power, notions of dominion and greed.

That world view is dying, as the new world is being created.

There is enough for all.

There always was.

May we hold on to our Loving.

May we allow Love to guide us Home.

Home to where we started from.

Home to true Love lived out on Earthly soil.

And so it is, and so it shall Be

Earth, the planet of LOVE.

By Cerantha

April 6, 2020

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