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New Day Dawning

There Is A New Day Dawning-5/26/97

By Cerantha

There is a new day dawning

The dawning of a new age

On the horizon of Earth’s history

Lies the tomorrow of hope

Together shall we walk, hobble,

swim, fly, creep, crawl

Struggle to gain new understandings

Meanings to lead us ever forward

Into the tomorrow of hope filled days

Now we seem held down, mired in


Our cities wage battles to control

the tides of influence from violence,

crime, drugs, greed, hopelessness,

poverty, homelessness

Fear rides the waves

The people run, hoping to shore up

the banks, the borders which protect


There are meetings, committees,

even laws which try to help

solve our violent, soul-weary


But the waters of delusion, fear,

greed, lust, deceptions

Ease their ways past our humble

barricades, and flow over into our

minds and lives through television,

movies, videos, books, and true life

stories seen, and understood to be

“the only way it is”

When really there is another way

A path that leads not to fearful living

A path that leads to peace, love, and


Individually, and globally

A path to carry us above the byways

we now travel

A path that awaits our steps

There will be leaders to show

the Way

They will hold their Lights high

So we will not stumble

These Elders of the Light

Have traveled this path

when the Way was unclear,

hidden, obscure

They found their Way through

prayer, meditation, and the desire

to rise above the tide of despair

and hopelessness

They journeyed inside themselves

and found

Hope, guidance, strength, resolve

They found the knowledge they

needed to figure out the plans that

existed to create a new world

These Light bearers traveled the

untrod path

They forged a pathway to tomorrow

By trial and error

Hopes and dreams

They came to the Light at the end

of the the journey

And, instead of continuing on alone

They came back for us

To show us the Way

For none of us shall enjoy

the New World

Unless we are all there together

The Earth returned to paradise

Abundant, full to great measure of

all we need

But minus our fears, negative

feelings, habits and deeds

The new world will be simple,

yet superb

Subtle, yet sublime

Full to great measure of Love

For Love energy is the life force

which propels the new days ahead

Love, total, absolute


Truth in all things--never anymore


Never anymore hidden meaning,

or obscure codes

Love, Truth and Peace will abide,

and carry us on a cloud, and lay us down

in a pristine paradise filled with Harmony

at last

The music of the spheres will be heard

in the ears of mankind finally

The eyes, all three of them, will See

with clear vision

The dawn breaking--new and shining

with hope--colors of thus unimagined

shades and hues

The Truth shall set us free from past

lives of fear, and hopelessness

Newly arrived will we find all we need

And so much less than we imagined

we needed

We will find Love and with full hearts

Hearts brimming with awareness of


We will sing out


Ah men

Thank God

I am in Heaven on Earth

I am home to where

I always was

And never knew existed

I am home to mySelf

My soul arises and walks with me

No more hidden in my depths

afraid to surface

No, my soul is my companion

My soul navigates the waters of

my life

And shows me the course I shall


To serve God and mankind

With my special talent

To be given freely for the good

of all

Each man will serve as needed,

and with the best he has to offer

All need will be met

All hopes will be fulfilled

And our journey to tomorrow

shall be ended

As we arrive and find our dreams

come true

As we walk into the days of hopes


As we settle into the lives of future


The lives we were meant to live

Earthbound, but connected with

our Spirit Source

Living on Earth, as it tis in


Peace, Love, and Harmony vibrating

as One

God shines his Light upon us

And says, “It was good, it is better,

and it is done at last.”

Returned to Eden

Newly born, and held

in open arms

Adored, alive for the first time as

full human beings with Spirit in

their hearts and open channels

to the Universe of great possibilities,

and endless plenty.

Amen and Halleluyah

The Heavens united, fused solid

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