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On the Horizon of Hope by Cerantha

In the days, weeks, nay hours ahead

Time will be changing

Reality as we have known it

Will reshape itself, move, shift, arrange molecules

Differently, so very differently

You will be witness to this phenomenon personally, and nay globally

You will bear witness to strange occurrences in your visual scope

But, also in your body temple

Things will not seem as they were, or as some will say “normal”

Things will be moving, shifting to higher vibrational levels

Which will cause a huge stirring up of the old ways and pattern of days.

You will be privy to some of this change as it moves slowly into new form

Or you may be taken by surprise as some of this change moves very rapidly.

Whatever appears before you is progress/evolution in the making

Changeover time is here, now

Now, now is the time within time that accelerates mankind forward

Into the days of hope filled, new horizons where the old limitations no longer exist.

New mind melting of old patterns, ways

Restriction, sublimation no longer passes for reality

The Wholeness Model/Spiritual Evolved Model of a human form existing in the new now will at first seem extraordinary, unbelievable

But then, as old time passes, the newness becomes ordinary life operating at what once would have been called miraculous levels of existence

Be bold in the changeover time

Be hopeful, resourceful, capable of change in an instant

For this will be the necessary mode of operation for the time being

Until all settles down, becomes grounded as the Earth reborn anew

Have faith in yourself, in others, in the Divine Nature of the Universe

To provide the evolutionary path/stairway to this new elevated possibility of life on Earth

Be very candid with your self as you imagine yourself to be

Be kind to your old perceptions of limitations and fears that will arise and try to keep you safely held back in your past beliefs and notions

Be kind, but brave enough to recognize from your deep core where you are being led

How to navigate to the next step on this every changing, elevating journey

You will be able to smile through the changeover if you are fluid, trusting, brave and courageous with your heart wisdom leading the way

You old mind held you in check

Your heart opens the doors to the eternity that is now at hand

The new world

The new Earth

The Way Home


November 16, 2014

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