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Sacred Space


                                       By Cerantha Woods

We’ve all come together here in this moment of time to open Sacred Space, to step into the magic of energy encircled to form a playground of creation—a place to listen and think wholeheartedly,  to form , to listen to and act on insights and promptings, to harness the wisdom bestowed on us from our lineage, our beloved ancestors, a time and place to forgive ourselves and others, shed that which is ready to leave-our old outdated and untrue thoughts and beliefs, a time to make order out of  chaos in our lives, a time to find the way to walk in beauty into our  future days, a time to be silent and to look for signs to guide us home to  ourselves, a time to rise above the lower feelings of anger, hatred, greed, and self criticism, a time to fly high as an eagle and circle, circle, circle, the Earth as more fully who we truly are Spirit/Walkers-our Higher Selves living more fully within our Earth bodies—integrated now.

The circle, the cycle complete.



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