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Remembering Who You Are by Nicky Hamid

You need nothing else but to REMEMBER.

Remember the Magnificence of who you are, why you came here in the first place, and how you have everything you need right here and right now, to do what you came to do.

The only snag is that you keep FORGETTING.

So I AM here to REMIND you, as I am reminded.

This is why I came here and this is what I do.

That is all you need.

You have everything else to Empower Yourself.

And if you will commit to the intention to build a dynamic in your life to REMEMBER 24/7, this year will be the Year that you become Incredibly HAPPY.

And so I am So excited to announce 2024 as The Year You REMEMBER not just who you are, but WHAT YOU ARE.

Mighty Soul Soul Beings reflecting your LOVE through being a Beautiful HUman.

I So Love You

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