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Today I am reminded that 31 years ago I survived a virus invading my heart. We know so much more about viruses now than we did back in 1990. People were shocked to hear a virus could go into my heart. Now, we are living with Covid virus being a major part of our lives. We know how it can invade a body.

I have been gifted 31 years of watching Mike and Dave grow up, become husbands and Daddys. I got to graduations, weddings, birthday celebrations, and to celebrate becoming a grandmother.

If it wasn’t for my great doctors, medications that have been developed and available, my wonderful family and my knowledge gained of energy medicine and spirituality, I would not have had such good results.

I have tried to be cognizant of my gift of life every day since. I wake up and think, yes, I’ve got another day. So as horrible as it all was at times, I now see it brought me a stunning gift of gratitude for my life.

Today, I feel it especially strongly. I am so grateful to all of you who walk the journey with me still, who support and nurture me with your good will and kind heartedness. All of you have made such a difference in my life.

I send you my deepest gratitude and blessings of love. 💕

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