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March 26, 2020 Life At Home

This is a time when I am utilizing some of my knowledge gained from studying Reiki, Akashic Records, Shamanism, and Native Flute.

Daily meditations, flute playing in nature on my porches, journaling, reading and watching uplifting shows have been my mainstay activities.

I am simplifying in all areas of my life with the hope of making day to day life more manageable and enjoyable.

I am practicing staying totally in the moment---not at all easy, but I am seeing the benefits of doing that more and more.

This worldwide event has amped up my prayer practice and made my desires change to meet global needs, not just for me, or my family.

"We Are The World" sung by a talented array of performers has been circulating on Facebook. It brought back fond memories of when I first heard it years ago.

Now, it is more meaningful to me than it was back then.

It is time to think, act, and know we are in a global community--- that thinking will help shape all our futures in a positive way.

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