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The End of the Decade

As 2019 draws to a close I am looking back over the last 10 years and I am savoring, digesting, and marking all of the things I remember happening. I have met so many new wonderful people since moving here to Charleston, SC. I have experienced personal growth and changes galore. It has been a challenging, but also a very exciting time.

I can say I am so happy I took the leap to come here and explore my inner landscape through learning Reiki, Shamanistic practices and learning how to open the Akashic Records. All of these tools, plus flute playing and teaching flute has enriched my life ten fold.

Fully embracing my name Cerantha, "Woman of the Winds" took me some time, but now I totally embody it with joy.

I feel as if I was in a cocoon as this decade began,

and I have now emerged to embrace and embody the fullness of my Being.

Looking ahead to the new year 2020 is exciting for me. With faith and trust that I have been led so far to experience so much Holy Grace, I have no doubt there is more to come as I walk into my future days.

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